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New district bounds assure plenty of road time for Sen. Hinkins

Senate District 27 remains fairly intact, with parts of Wasatch County added.

Sun Advocate associate editor

As a result of legislative redistricting, it will be 459 road miles from the northernmost part of Sen. David Hinkins' District 27 to the point farthest south. And that's if he or his successor takes the shortest route.

However, the Orangeville Republican is not complaining. District 27 will remain rural and won't be outweighed by urban interests, he explained. Hinkins has kept Carbon, Emery, Grand and San Juan counties and part of Utah County. His district has added a sliver of Wasatch County, also.

District 27 has lost parts of Spanish Fork in Utah County on the new legislative map but has kept Mapleton and added Springville. In addition, Charleston and Daniel, both small towns in Wasatch County near Deer Creek Reservoir, have become part of the large district.

It's the hypothetical drive from Charleston to Navajo Mountain in the southwest corner of San Juan County that makes for the long road trip, mainly because the route has to drift south into Arizona to get to the isolated desert area. A more reasonable drive, say from Charleston to Blanding, would be only 289 miles.

"It's a long district, but the Carbon-Emery area is right in the middle," Hinkins said, which to him means Castle Country will continue to be influential. While Carbon-Emery is not exactly next door to the northern- and southernmost parts of the region, it is close enough to each to provide balanced representation for the whole territory.

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