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Alone in darkness, Kokopelli awaits Price council decision


Sun Advocate reporter

Sitting in a dark corner at the Price City Domes is a familiar face. He sits in waiting for a permanant location after the previous one was deemed as being a distraction and a hazard for drivers.

Anyone remember Kokopelli?

The Price City Council does and nearly a year later is still trying to determine the best location of the Native American statue.

Councilman Richard Tatton brought up the topic of discussion about Kokopelli at the city council meeting back on Oct. 12. Tatton said the city needed to find a permanant place for the statue to be placed. The statue was removed from it's previous location at 100 West and Main Street last October.

At the time of the statue's removal, the city cited the hazards for drivers in trying to navigate around the statue which was placed in the middle of the intersection. Some drivers did not understand what to do, such as viewing it as a turnabout or whether to turn in front or behind the statue, which led to a few accidents over the years.

The city does have a stake in where the statue of Kokopelli will be placed as the city used $40,000 to purchase the bronze work from local artist and sculptor Gary Prazen.

Councilors were in agreement the location for the statue must be in a place where it can be seen and enjoyed by the public. Mayor Joe Piccolo suggested the city look into placing it somewhere along Main Street to go along with the other works of art at the Peace Gardens and at Heritage Park.

"It (Kokopelli) needs to be out where it can be seen," Tatton said.

There are some options available if the city cannot find a suitable place for Kokopelli. The Box Car Gallery in Helper has inquired about the statue and, according to Tatton, Prazen has offered to buy the statue back from the city.

To discuss the topic further, the city council will have it on their agenda at their monthly work meeting on Friday morning. Tatton said that each council member is working on a first and second priority place for the statue and their reasons for choosing that particular spot.

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