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Carbon County, Utah Request For Statements Of Qualifactions For Airport Engineering Services


	Carbon County Utah, is hereby soliciting Statements of Qualifications
and Experience for airport consultants to provide Airport Engineering
and Planning services for a variety of projects including: Runway
18/36 Rehabilitation/Reconstruction; Runway 7/25
Rehabilitation/Reconstruction; Apron Rehabilitation; Apron
Construction; Snow Removal/Equipment & Snow Removal Equipment
Building; Pavement Preservation; Construct Hangar Taxi lanes; Master
Plan Update

	A complete copy of the Request for Statements of Qualifications and
Experience may be obtained from: Mark Francis, Airport Manager, office
telephone 435-637-9556, or email 
Other engineering and planning projects may be added or modified as

	The contract for said services shall be for up to a five (5) year
period.  All projects undertaken will depend upon available funding
from various sources, which may include the Federal Aviation
Administration (FAA), the State of Utah Division of Aeronautics and
Brigham City.  Projects listed are not guaranteed to take place under
the time-frame of this contract.  Selection of the short listed
proposers and/or the top ranked proposer (unless supplemented by
secondary selection criteria) will be based upon the criteria in FAA
Advisory Circular (AC-150/5100-14D) "Architectural Engineering and
Planning Consultant Services for Airport Grant Projects" and relative
importance of the required information. 
This contract is subject to provisions of Executive Order 11246
(Affirmative Action to Ensure Equal Employment Opportunity) and to the
provisions of Department of Transportation Regulations 49 CFR, Part 25
(Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Participation). DBE firms are
encouraged to submit.

	Carbon County invites firms to submit qualifications to perform the
above described services. Interested firms shall submit five (5)
copies of the Statement of Qualifications on or before Wednesday,
November 2, 2011 at 3:00 p.m. MDT to:

Carbon County Clerk
Attn: Robert Pero
120 East Main Street
Price, UT 84501

	The names of all firms who have timely submitted statements in
conformity with this notice shall be read aloud and entered into the
record of the public meeting of the Carbon County Commission on
November 2, 2011, at 4:30 p.m., at 120 East Main Street, Price, UT 
Published in the Sun Advocate October 13, 20, and 27, 2011. 

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