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Looking for a photo from long ago and not far away

Vincent Anella makes a presentation to the Price City Coucnil concerning the Eagle project he plans.

Sun Advocate publisher

Vincent Anella is looking for one good photo.

Or maybe two or three if someone can find them.

The Eagle Scout project he is working on doing needs documentation, and it has been hard to find.

In the late 1870s Abraham Powell built the first house (cabin) in Carbon County along the banks of the Price River. At that time the river meandered about and around it stood a large swamp. The house he built stood basically in the Fairmont Supply parking/storage lot (565 South 300 West) in Price. That house stood for a number of years but it is now gone.

In 1936 a local Scout Explorer Troop built and dedicated a monument to that first house at the what was then the end of Carbon Avenue, on about 600 South. The monument was made of stone and looked like an old house. It also had a plaque on it telling of the first dwelling in the town.

When the swamps were drained south of town and the Price River was straightened out, Carbon Avenue became the main road out of town going toward Emery County and the monument was torn down. However the plaque was saved and now is held by a private owner.

But no one knows exactly what the monument looks like. That's where Anella's dilemma comes in. As an Eagle project he wants to rebuild the monument and attach the plaque to that monument.

"We would like to have some photos of what the original monument looked like," he told the Sun Advocate recently.

He also made a proposal to the Price City Council concerning the monument and where he wanted to locate it. He wants to put it at the trail head of the new river walkway that is being built from Carbon Avenue west to the Creekview Shopping Center.

The city gave him a positive sign to go ahead, now he just needs to know what to build.

That's where local readers come in. He is asking that residents think about photos they might have in their attics, basements, dresser drawers or old albums that might in some way show an image of the monument. Often people have their photo taken in front of monuments when they visit a place, or maybe a photo exists from one of the members of the original troop that built the monument.

Regardless any photo will help.

If you find something that pertains to this monument, please contact Vincent Anella at 435 637-6761 or call Richard Shaw at 435 637-0732 Ext. 23.

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