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Rocky Mountain Care

As members of our communities, Rocky Mountain Care is committed to deliver compassionate health care services to all those entrusted in our care.

Our Home Care staff understand that patients are more comfortable and heal more readily in their own home. They are dedicated to helping patients meet their healthcare goals.

Our Hospice staff provide compassionate medical, emotional and spiritual support to patients, their families and caregivers in order to assist them with obtaining the best quality of life possible during their experience with a life-limiting illness.

Our Rocky Mountain Care Foundation (RMCF) was implemented to assist patients with limited resources for obtaining health care services, equipment, and supplies. RMCF is funded through private donations, grants, and volunteer services. We are excited to have become partners with the United Way of Southeastern Utah for the 2009-2010 year. Through this partnership, our patients, without other means, will have access to medical equipment and supplies otherwise unobtainable without this funding. Being able to purchase the equipment and supplies will help patients to remain in their homes living independently. It will prevent them from falling by allowing the use of grab bars. They will not have to be without medications or diabetic supplies.

The funding will also benefit patients in many other ways. Our volunteer programs allow isolated patients to have some social interaction and support. It also relieves care givers by providing some respite. The Rocky Mountain Care Foundation has provided care for some patients who do not have any insurance or financial resources. People are able to achieve a greater quality of life through this program. The Rocky Mountain Care Foundation is thankful to the United Way of Southeastern Utah for understanding this need in our community and partnering with our agency so this need can begin to be addressed.

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