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Letters to the editor

Democracy vs Republic


I understand that the legislature is trying to require the public schools to lie to the pupils and teach them that our country is not a democracy but only a republic.

It is true that the constitution establishes the government as a republic. George Washington was the father of this country but it was Thomas Jefferson that was the father of democracy. He was the author of the Declaration of Independence claiming our inalienable rights and he would not sign the Constitution without including the Bill of Rights guaranteeing those rights which create this nation as a democratic republic.

In my life it is not this country as a republic which has always been held up as a great example, but as a democracy to other countries that have admired and tried to imitate.

Is the Tea Party denying that Thomas Jefferson was ever born? The Tea Party inspired by Patrick Henry, who along with Glen Beck was good with words, committed an act of civil disobedience complaining of taxation without representation. There were many heros in the revolution, but some of the names I remember that established this nation were Washington, Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Hamilton, not Patrick Henry.

Marilyn L. "Joe" Stock, East Carbon

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