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Despite a tough season, Carbon soccer fights to the final whistle

Jamie Swank (24) runs toward the ball against North Sanpete. Players had to overcome a muddy field and pools of water after a rain storm.

Sun Advocate sports reporter

With a record of 1-12 heading into their final game of the year against North Sanpete at home, Carbon's chances of going to the playoffs were nonexistant.

With recent rains in the area, the soccer field at USU Eastern was muddy and wet and the weather threw in a big blast of cold weather and stiff brisk winds.

No one could have felt bad if the Lady Dinos chose to pack things in and call it a season. But the Lady Dinos had other plans on their mind.

Throwing out their team record and just playing for fun and for each other, the Lady Dinos battled down to the final whistle before falling in overtime to North Sanpete, 1-0.

Head coach Keith Palmer said the team took the loss hard, wanting to finish the season on a high note.

"The team was devastated when they lost in overtime," Palmer said, "but the girls never gave up."

For much of the game and into the first half of overtime, Carbon was able to fend off the Hawks attack time after time. Offensively, Carbon had few chances to score but in those chances they nearly missed a chance to get on the scoreboard. Senior Sam Jones missed a close shot and was unable to put the ball in the goal on a penalty shot in the first half.

But shortly after the beginning of the second half of overtime, North Sanpete was able to put the ball in the back of the end, finishing the season for the Lady Dinos.

Palmer credited the entire team for playing through to the end in the tough conditions. Goalkeeper Sierra Williams and many of the defensive players worked hard to keep North Sanpete's shots on goal to a minimum.

After the game, Palmer gathered the team for a final talk, which included more than just a pep talk about their season. He announced to the girls, it would be his final season as the head coach of the girls team, citing he wanted to spend more time with his family.

Most importantly, Palmer said he appreciated their effort during the hard season.

"I thanked them for working hard all the way to the end," he said. "The team will just need to keep working hard for the start of next season."

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