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Advertisement For Bids Notice To Contractors


	Sealed proposals will be received by the Supervisor Buildings and
Grounds of Carbon School District, 65 East 400 North, Price, UT 84501
until 1000 am 21 October 2011.

	PROJECT: Remove existing 94' long by 5 rows telescoping bleachers and
furnish and install same size new electric bleachers.

	LOCATION: Mont Harmon Junior High, 40 West 400 North, Price, UT

	All proposers must attend a job site review at 1100 18 October 2011
at the School. Insurance requirements and scope of work are in Request
for Proposal to be obtained by contacting the person shown below
located at the above address. The District reserves the right to
reject any an all proposals and to waive any informality or
technicality not of a statutory nature in the interest of the

Deon Kone
Supervisor Buildings and Grounds
Carbon School District	435-637-1342
	Fax:	435-637-3230
Published in the Sun Advocate October 11, 13 and 18, 2011.

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