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Letters to the editor

Do what's best for Utah


Senator Mike Lee's endorsement of Carl Wimmer is disturbing. This action has put pressure on the Utah Legislature to draw a new congressional district that would help Wimmer. Senator Lee's political endorsement of a friend who's is running for Congress in a district that doesn't exist seems to show no respect for local lawmakers who are trying to be fair and citizens who are offering ideas of their own.

Senator Lee's action discourages rural Utah from having representation in Congress. The strongest consideration needs to be directed towards a rural district. Imagine a person from St. George, Moab, Price or Richfield representing Utah in Congress.

Just like the media questioned the motives of Governor Herbert urging a more rural district, the media needs to ask Senator Lee why he endorsed a candidate before the district map is drawn and gave no consideration to other candidates who may better represent the needs of the district after we know what the district is.

Senator Lee, the job of a United Senator is look at the good of Utah as a whole. Your action seems more like you are interested on help political friends.

Bennion Spencer, Riverton

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