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Price will have non-election

By Richard Shaw

This is the first time it has ever happened, and will probably be the last, but the November election for Price City Council will not be held this year, despite the fact there will be new faces on the council after Jan. 1, 2012.

The reason is simple. On Sept. 20 Jeff Nielson, a current council member, withdrew from the election leaving three citizens who had filed for the three open seats remaining. Those members of the community include Wayne Clausing, Layne Miller and current councilman Rick Davis. With Nielson leaving and Richard Tatton, who has been on the council for a number of years deciding not to run again, the number of candidates fits the number of seats.

This past year the legislature passed an amendment to the law that defines elections saying that if the number of council seats that are open are equal to the number of those vying for the seats the current city council has open, that council can pass a resolution accepting those that filed as the new council members that will be sworn in the next January.

According to city and county officials this will save a lot of money. At the city level it will save about $4,000 that goes to pay for ballots, poll judges and other costs. The county will also save money and time because they will not have to deal with the ballots, counting them and the adminstrative costs that goes with running an election.

The Price City Council will have the resolution to not have an election on the agenda at their meeting on Oct. 12.

More on this in the Thursday edition of the Sun Advocate.

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