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Price City Council members vote to save downtown tree

Last September, Price city was faced with a dilemma when the boiler at the community swimming pool failed and purchasing a new one would cost substantially more than what was budgeted toward related repairs.

However, the majority of the Price officials felt that the city needed to replace the boiler at the pool.

Price officials banked on obtaining a grant from the Utah Permanent Community Impact Board to cover the costs of purchasing the boiler.

The council members voted to replace the boiler and the officials have received word that Price was one of two rural cities awarded grants by the CIB funding board.

Price city will be getting a check for $100,000 from the CIB to purchase and install the new boiler for the municipal swimming pool.

The Roosevelt City Municipal Building Authority was also awarded a $100,000 interest-free loan to construct an addition to the building housing the Uintah Basin Association of Governments.

The community impact board is a program of the Utah Division of Community Development. The CIB provides financial assistance to agencies and public entities impacted directly or indirectly by mineral resource development on nearby federal lands excluded from the local tax base.

The board provides assistance through grants and low-interest loans for the planning, construction and maintenance of public facilities. The community impact board funds are also earmarked to help community agencies provide public services.

The monies for the CIB grants come from mineral lease royalties paid to the state by mining and energy companies.

The board's next funding meeting is set for April 3.

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