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Letters to the editor

Blind to real world


Tom McCourt's current article last week (Wasatch Behind, Sept. 20) Beam Me Up Scotty has me feeling that someone really should beam him up. His political views between Democrats and Republicans reveals mental un-balance to say the least. When he makes statements like alien drug smuglers and undocumented Democrats...this shows a complete unability to decipher the positions taken by both Democrats and Republicans regarding Immigration.

He is also way extreme in his attitude claiming non existant environmental problems. I know he is going to say he is different, but I know better. I have read all his stuff for a couple of years....Yes, he is not only extreme in view points, but has lost the ability to reason and weigh in any point of view in my humble opinion.

He needs to get out of his little world and read some real facts and studies conducted by both political sides of society. Living by hatred and blind opinions are just that.


Steven C. Carter Mesquite, Nev.

Wrong about the Tea Party


In M.L. (Joe) Stock's letter to the editor she repeated what most people keep hearing about the Tea Party. Unfortunately, most of what she wrote and what everyone is saying is just not true. Let's start at the beginning.

The Tea Party was born, back in early 2009, of a rant by someone on CNN who suggested that we all send tea bags to our representatives to show our objection to Obama's Stimulus Bill. They were objecting to a massive, $787 billion in the end, spending package that was all debt. That, the current Congress was spending not our tax dollars but that of our children and grand children. Spending the tax money of those that have not had the opportunity to vote nor have even begun to owe federal taxes is a clear example of taxation without representation.

Since The Tea Party is made up of an older population than any other political group other that AARP, they clearly are not for ending Social Security or Medicare. They are, however, willing to look at changes that will make both programs survive for the next generations.

Democrats, Republican, Libertarians and Independents, all, make up The Tea Party. So if you ask about taxes you will get some that want cuts, some want to raise them, and some want a flat tax. Almost all of them will agree to the statement, "Raising taxes, on anyone, during a recession will have a negative impact on the economy."

As for the EPA, no one is wishing for dirty air and water but when they start writing regulations to work around Congress not passing bills like Cap and Trade, it is an end run around the separation of powers. And the EPA adding thousands of pages of regulations at a time when businesses are already hurting adds yet another layer of uncertainty to any plans they might have for the future.

The Tea Party is not a homogeneous group. It stands most consistently on fiscal conservativism. I would say that all of the people identifying themselves as Tea Party members would say that they are for cutting spending, for no more deficit spending and even for a Balanced Budget Amendment. They feel that the debt this country owns is hurting our economic growth and we must stop adding to it, and figure out a way to pay it off. No, they probably won't support your idea of WPA type projects because they would be more debt. And yes, Bush ran the debt up. He put us 5 trillion dollars in debt over his eight years but, 4 more trillion has been added in the only two and half years that Obama has been in office.

Erica Kardelis


Accident brought out best


I want to thank all those who were

so helpful at the train-ride accident at the park in Green River during Melon Days. There were so many people who jumped in to help. Those who helped lift the train off our little one, the girls riding with our girls who tried to catch them, and came to the clinic to check on them later, and so many others...

The EMT's were so quick to arrive and so competent and professional. (Susan, you are great.) The nurses and the P.A., Kim McFarlane, at the Green River Clinic are so good at what they do, and really went the extra mile to reassure two terrified little girls, (and their grandparents and their brother!)

A very special thank you to the two beautiful ladies (they were sisters) who picked up our little girls (they are sisters too!) from the road and held and comforted them until we could get help. I did not get your names, but I am so grateful to you for being so sweet. I've always wondered what angels look like, now I know!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and from all our family.

Kelly Martinez, Price

Not as originally planned


I recently received an email I would like to share.

Social Security is going broke, as it stands right now. Something needs to be done and Representative Paul Ryan proposed a solution to fix it. The Democrats jumped right up and started screaming that the Republicans want to destroy Social Security. Let's see who is destroying the solvency of Social Security. The email is titled " The History of your Social Security Card".

First when FDR introduced Social Security he promised:

A- Participation in the program would be voluntary. It is no longer voluntary.

B- We would pay 1 percent of the first $1,400 of our annual income. We now pay 7.65 percent on the first $90,000.00.

C- What we put in would be deducted for tax purposes. It is no longer deductible.

D- Our money would go into a trust fund, not the general fund. Under President Johnson, the money was moved to the general fund and spent by Congress.

E- That the annuity payments to retirees would never be taxed as income. Under Clinton and Gore, up to 85 percent of our Social Security is taxed. We've paid in for years and now receive back, being taxed 85 percent.

And one other tidbit. Up to the 1980's, the card said " Not to be used for identification purposes". All of us have a number, so "Not for identification purposes" was removed.

Here are some some other things of interest:

1- Which party took Social Security from a trust fund and put it into the general fund for Congress to spend? Lyndon Johnson and the Democrats.

2- Which party eliminated the income tax deduction? The Democrats.

3- Which party started taxing Social Security annuities? The Democrats, with Al Gore casting the tie breaking vote.

4- Which party decided to give Social Security to immigrants? Jimmy Carter and the Democrats. They receive the payment at 65, even though they haven't paid anything into it.

After violating the original FICA contract, the Democrats say it's the Republicans who are trying to destroy Social Security. I'm not fooled thinking the Republicans have lily white hands, because they don't, but Paul Ryan offered about the only logical fix I can see and was shot down.

No politician, at the National level, with only a few exceptions, has the interest of America, at heart. They are serving their own back room agenda. Wake up Americans.

Vote for candidates, not parties.

Fred D Richardson, Spring Glen

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