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Lady Luck's vote breaks East Carbon primary tie


Lynn Archuleta's straw is slightly longer that rival Janice Hunt's, so Archuleta will go on the ballot for East Carbon City Council in the November general election. The drawing of lots on Monday was mandated by the Lieutenant Governor's office when a canvass of votes last week showed the two candidates were in a tie with 34 votes each. The city originally was ordered to have the drawing in five days, but was granted six because Archuleta was out of town until Monday.

There are no hard feelings about the outcome between the two candidates. They have been friends for a long time and say they will continue to be in the future. "I am running because I would like help this council get a handle on East Carbon's budget situation. I would like to find out what is going on with our city's budget. Beautification for our city is also an important issue to me as I would like to see local property values rise. I hope to work with the council and public, I am not the type to stand alone," Archuleta commented.

As for the situation that produced the tie and the consequence of turning to the luck of the draw, election official and former sheriff Jim Robertson said, "The city could have avoided this whole situation if we would have just had a decent voter turnout."

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