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Castle Heights kids to Mr. and Mrs. Bate: 'Here's our get well gift'

Castle Heights students show the $487 in cash they collected during the school's fund raiser for Bill and Larue Bate.

Sun Advocate reporter

He is a school icon over at Castle Heights. Bill Bate - or Mr. Bate as he is know to all who attend the school - has been the school principal and now teaches PE and organizes many other events at the Price elementary school. A couple of weeks ago he and his wife Larue were seriously hurt in an ATV accident. Both are recovering from their injuries.

In an age of non active kids, you might think they would be happy for some weeks with no PE classes. But the student body of Castle Heights have reacted totally opposite and are eagerly anticipating his return to the school. Mr. Bate sightings are reported among the kids and passed on like wildfire when he has come in to the school to check in. He is still not cleared for returning to help out.

The Castle Heights Student council put on a fundraising event to help the family defray the medical costs that have accumulated. With the blessing of principal Jan Cox, they had a "Hats on for Mr. and Mrs Bate" day.

Students could bring in a dollar donation for the privilege of wearing their favorite hat in class all day. Many students donated more than the dollar ask for and Zoey Kourianis, spokesperson for the 6th grade student council, stated that one person even sent in a check for $20.

The students also had the chance to sign cards for Mr. and Mrs Bate letting them know how much they are missed.

Members of this year's student government for Castle Heights are Oscar Herrera, Nathan Velasquez, Gracie Steele, Zoey Kourianis, Maddie Christensen, Nate Olson, Hayden Basinger, Makala Moynier and Hanna Wright. Student council advisor is Mrs Thompsom.

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