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Guest column

When do we count?

This is America, the land of the free,

Maybe for some

But not you and me.

The illegals get food stamps

And our social security

When do we count?

Iraq, Libia, Somalia, childern go hungry

so we should care.

But here in America, our

Food banks shelves are bare.

When do we count.

Some have lost their homes,

Some have lost their jobs

Some have turned into angry mobs.

There is no more "an American dream"

We've given and given, or so it seems.

When do we count?

Fix our troubles here at home

Start listening to our people moan,

When do we count?

Before we help others with a helping hand,

We need to to help here in our own land.

When do we count?

So politicians:

With questions starting to mount,

I have only one

When do we count?

Sheila Shumway, East Carbon

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