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Southeastern Utah fishing report

A warning to Wasatch Plateau Recreationalists. The Cleveland-Huntington Canal Company has been and will continue to draw water from Cleveland and Huntington reservoirs.

As the water level drops below the ice pack, the potential for subsidence is high. Ice anglers, skiers and snow machine riders are strongly encouraged to stay off both reservoirs.

All anglers 14 years of age and above need a new 2003 fishing license. Kids under 14 may fish without a license and take a full bag and possession limit of fish.

•Abajo and Blue Mountains. Conservation officer Randall Scheetz reports that there is no safe ice in San Juan County.

In 2003, fishing from a boat with a motor is prohibited at Monticello and Foy lakes. At Blanding three and four reservoirs, no boats will be allowed, although float tubes will be permitted.

•Cleveland Reservoir. The reservoir has been drawn down. There is a void of air space between the ice sheet and water, which will cause the ice sheet to collapse. All winter recreationalists are strongly urged to stay off the reservoir.

•Electric Lake. Tributaries will be closed until July 12. When tributaries open, the limit will be two trout and artificial flies and lures must be used.

Electric Lake itself has no special regulations this year. The limit will be four trout. No tackle restrictions.

•Ferron Reservoir. The trout limit is four. However, anglers may take a bonus limit of four brook trout in addition to the normal trout limit. All tributaries are closed until July 12.

•Gigliotti Pond. In 2003, the trout limit will be four fish. All largemouth bass and bluegill must be immediately released.

•Gooseberry Reservoir. All tributaries are closed until July 12.

•Grassy Trail Reservoir. The reservoir is closed to fishing in 2003.

•Green River Golf Course Ponds. The limit is four fish in the aggregate for all species.

•Huntington Creek. On the right fork (from Flood and Engineer's Canyon upstream to Electric Lake) only artificial flies may be used. The trout limit is two.

On the left fork, only artificial flies and lures may be used. The harvest of brown trout is encouraged.

Crandall Creek, which empties into Huntington Creek, is closed to fishing.

•Huntington Game Farm Pond. In 2003 the limit will be four fish in the aggregate for all species.

•Huntington North Reservoir. The reservoir is frozen, but may be unsafe. In 2003, the bass limit is two; all largemouth bass over 12 inches must be immediately released.

•Huntington Reservoir (near the top of Huntington Canyon). The Cleveland-Huntington Canal Company is draining water from the reservoir at a rate of 34 acre-feet per day. The air space between the ice sheet and water level is widening, which will eventually cause the ice sheet to collapse.

All winter recreationalists, especially snowmobile riders, should avoid the lake. Dangerous conditions will persist until ice-off.

Tributaries are closed until July 12. The reservoir is also closed to the possession of cutthroat trout or trout with cutthroat markings.

•Joes Valley Reservoir. The reservoir is frozen. Most anglers are having success south of the marina on the west side, where the ice is six to eight inches.

Fishing has been good with small silver Kastmasters or chartreuse plastic jigs, tipped with a piece of worm or sucker meat.

The best fishing occurs in the early morning. The limit is two trout. No more than one trout may be over 22 inches. All trout 15 to 22 inches must be immediately released.

•Ken's Lake. In 2003, fishing is prohibited from a boat with a gas engine.

•Lake Powell. The Lake Powell fishing report home page is: DWR biologist and project leader, Wayne Gustaveson, updates fishing conditions at this website weekly. He provides detailed information on locations, tackle and techniques for each species in the lake.

•LaSal Mountains. No current fishing report available.

•Price River. From the railroad bridge approximately one mile below the Scofield Reservoir dam downstream to the confluence with the White River only artificial flies and lures may be used.

•Scofield Reservoir. The reservoir continues to offer good fishing, especially in the early morning. Small white, chartreuse and silver jigs, tipped with nightcrawlers or wax worms have been effective.

Some anglers use a flasher 18 inches above the terminal tackle to enhance fish attraction.

Many of the trout are eight to 10 inches, although a fair number range from 18 to 22 inches. Tributaries are closed until July 12.

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