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Peirce to walk the red carpet

Peirce on the red carpet with Hollywood legend Betty White.

Late September is right around the corner and that means Lisa Peirce is gearing up for her trip to work for the Primetime Emmys in Los Angeles. For the past 10 years, Peirce has been working for the Oscars and Primetime Emmys, walking the red carpet and working as a page for a bevy of stars.

While most would be star-struck attending such a large, celebrity filled event, Peirce has grown accustom to the limelight, as she has walked the red carpet close to 20 times now.

"The electricity of the red carpet never goes away, it is always so exciting," she said when asked her annual trek. "Each year I am assigned to a handful of different stars, sometimes I work with the same ones, because once they get to know you, they are comfortable with you."

For example, Peirce has worked with Keifer Sutherland and Beyonce many times.

While Peirce signs a disclosure ensuring that she will not talk to the press about specifics, she has stated, "boy if I could talk, I could fill up an entire magazine with what I see and know."

According to Peirce, working a live top Hollywood award show is very stressful and she and her co-workers always have to be alert and on their toes, as anything can happen. A star can wander off just before they are to present an award or get lost in the building. It is up to Peirce to make sure her stars do not miss their call times, she must know where they are at all times.

When asked who her favorite star to work with is she stated, "Dolly Parton, hands down. She is very friendly and did not shun anyone, not staff, fans or audience members. She has a fabulous personality, and was so fun."

According to Peirce, Tom Hanks was also a lot of fun to work with as well as Betty White because she is "so sweet and kind."

What makes Peirce the most excited about her opportunity comes from the chance to work with stars who were familiar with Carbon County. For example, Peirce reported that Jane Lynch remembered filming in Helper and she and Steven Spielberg talked about the local museum even asking about Don Burge.

What surprises Lisa the most is when she has shown up in national magazines in the back ground while she was with the stars or shown up on TV on the red carpet pre-show. Most recently, she was spotted on "Fashion Police with Joan Rivers" when assigned to Betty White.

"Seeing my good friends again is fun every year, I have lifelong friends on the staff who are my best friends," explained Peirce when asked about her favorite part of the experience.

The longtime page, and her daughter Bobbie go together to work the shows, with Bobbie often working the multimillion dollar "green room" and Lisa's mother Helen working as a seat filler.

"It is a fun filled girl's weekend, sometime I have even gotten to bring other family and friends and share this experience with them. One show my mom was in the front row sitting by Sally Fields and I was never so proud," she said.

All of these experiences came about after Peirce met Michael Francis, who has been working on award shows in Hollywood for more than 35 years. Lisa and her mother were at a meeting of the Carbon County Historical Society, where Michael, whose parents were both from Carbon County (Sunnyside and Scofield) was the guest speaker. Lisa and her daughter Bobbie were invited to come to the Emmys as seat fillers later that year, and Michael was so impressed with them that he asked them both to be part of his staff on upcoming shows.

"I could tell right away that Lisa would be great with the stars," commented Michael, "She's very professional, and makes the stars feel comfortable at the show. They trust her to make sure they are where they're supposed to be."

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