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Local author to host book signing


With the national economy turning formerly safe investment choices into a mine field, investors all over America are looking for safe way to see a good return on their dollar. While tax liens sold by county governments provide just such a return, many view the practice as something only financial professionals are equipped to handle. This is simply not the case, according to local author William Gigliotti, M.A., ATM, whose new book Investing in Real Estate Tax Liens provides a step by step guide to recession proofing your money with high yields guaranteed by state law. Those interested in learning more can meet Gigliotti, in person, at a local book signing to take place this Friday and Saturday from 2 to 4 p.m. at the BTAC (old Reeves School) on South Carbon Avenue in Price.

Gigliotti grew up in Price and graduated from Notre Dame before leaving the area for a career in the Air Force. He has a BA degree from Chapman University and a MA Degree from Pacific Lutheran University. Gigliotti has had a myriad of experiences and now taps his financial knowledge concerning Real Estate Tax Liens. This guide provides the small investor step-by-step interpretations of the laws and procedures showing the way to success when purchasing these liens. "In today's economy, it is important that we maximize our investments in a safe, simple and secure environment," the author said.

Gigliotti also noted that while banks are often paying less than 1 percent, Tax Lien Certificates pay from 10 to 25 percent and are free from stock market fluctuations.

Although the liens are not sold in Utah, many states will sell them through the mail, allowing Utah citizens to invest in other areas of the country. The returns on this financial instrument are mandated by various state laws and paid by the counties with guaranteed returns of 10 percent or more.

Gigliotti has written and published two books and published one audio CD. He lives in Price, Utah with his dog, Smokey. He is the President of OnTarget Development Company in Price.

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