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(Tennis) courts to adjourn at end of October

A ground-level view of the Price tennis courts shows cracks and debris that sometimes make for bad bounces.

Sun Advocate reporter

A possible expansion to add another swimming pool to the Wave Pool complex could leave the city's tennis courts in line for demolition in October.

The topic of the tennis courts was included within the agenda for Price City council on Wednesday as they began early discussions on what the city will choose to do.

One possible plan has the city demolishing all of the tennis courts at the conclusion of the Carbon High girls tennis season. The current site where the courts are located would be utilized for the pool facility expansion.

A project on the south side of Washington Park would be designed and constructed for a parking lot, two tennis courts, two basketball courts and horseshoe pits.

The tennis courts, however, are showing their age and the beating they have taken over the years. Cracks, uneven spots and other problems are plaguing the courts used not only by the public, but Carbon High's tennis teams as well.

The Carbon High boys coach, Pete Riggs, and the girls coach, Tom Alleman, both agreed that the courts are still useable, but could be upgraded compared to other courts used by schools in the state.

One of the problems facing the city in demolishing the courts is that there are no other courts which the tennis teams, or the general public, would have access to locally. The closest facilities are located at Emery High School.

No decision has been made by the city, which is looking to bring in Carbon School District officials, area residents and city officials to determine what the best course of action will be.

Price City Mayor Joe Piccolo said that the city council would be looking at discussing the topic at their next meeting on Aug. 24.

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