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Domestic abuse situation leads to shots fired in East Carbon City limits

Carbon County Sheriff's SWAT Team members prepare to search the cedars to the west of East Carbon City. SWAT members along with East Carbon, Wellington and AP&P officers spent the night searching for 49-year-old Manuel Fuentes following a domestic violence 911 call.

Sun Advocate reporter

A Thursday evening domestic abuse incident in East Carbon led to shots being fired within city limits, as a man and his girlfriend reportedly wrestled for the loaded weapon, causing the gun to go off. The male reportedly fled the residence for the area's cedar brush, bringing several law enforcement agencies, including the Carbon County SWAT Team out on a late night search. The suspect managed to evade police through the evening and was still being sought as of Friday morning.

"Alcohol was a definite factor in this incident," said East Carbon Police Chief Sam Leonard on Friday morning. "Because of this, some of the details concerning just how the gun was brought into the situation are a little unclear."

According to Leonard, local police were called to an East Carbon residence at 170 West Geneva following a 911 call which reported shots fired at approximately 8:30 p.m. Upon interviewing East Carbon resident Margaret McArthur, local police began searching for 49-year-old Manuel Fuentes in the cedar brush to the immediate south and west of the property.

"At this point we have not been able to establish Fuentes' citizenship and McArthur reported that he indeed is not a citizen of the United State," explained Leonard. "If this is the case, he may be on the run for quite awhile and difficult to locate."

McArthur did stipulate that her and Fuentes are in a relationship, which does define their altercation as a domestic violence situation.

"We were lucky that the SWAT Team was already out last night," said Leonard. "They were conducting a training exercise in full gear when the call came out and they offered to come and help. Their equipment including night and heat sensitive vision are a big advantage on something like this."

Leonard reported that many agencies helped with last night's search including the Carbon County Sheriff's Office, Wellington Police and the local Adult Probation and Parole officials.

Again, Fuentes is still at large and being sought by local authorities for questioning in connection with the domestic violence and gun shot activity.

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