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Public Notice

Carbon School District asbestos location by school as of AUGUST 2011.
Notice to all principals, employees, PTA presidents and parents in
accordance with the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) the
status of asbestos containing materials located in schools must be
reported annually.

School Asbestos Containing Material Location

Castle Heights Flange Gaskets Mechanical Room
 Floor Covering Mechanical Room

Creekview Flange Gaskets Mechanical Room

Sally Mauro Transite Panels Exterior Corridor
 Floor Tile 9"x9" Classroom #149
 Floor Tile 9"x9" Closet (Class #107)
 Flange Gaskets Boiler Room
 Elbows Tunnel

Wellington Flange Gaskets Mechanical Room

District Office Flange Gaskets Boiler Room

Castle Valley No asbestos containing material found in building

Mont Harmon Transite Panels Classroom #108
 Floor Tile 1'x1' Classrooms
 Flange Gaskets Boiler Room
 Transite Panels Exterior
 Elbows Fan Room
 Spray-on Ceilings Auditorium

Helper Jr. High Floor Tile 1'x'1 West Restroom
 Floor Tile 9"x9" Gym Storage Room
 Flange Gaskets Boiler Room

Carbon High Floor Tile 9"x9" Classrooms
 Flange Gaskets Boiler Room

District Warehouse No asbestos containing material found in building

Bruin Point No asbestos containing material found in building

Pre-school No asbestos containing material found in building

 A copy of the asbestos management plans are available at each school
in the principals office for inspection or duplication if desired. The
management plan notes response actions Carbon School District has or
will implement to comply with AHERA regulations. Most of the asbestos
containing materials have been removed from schools. The materials
present does not require removal, but does require periodic monitoring
to check condition. This publication serves as official notification
as required in the federal register 40 CFR part 763, 84(C).

 Please direct any question or clarification to Deon Kone, Asbestos
Program Manager, at 637-1342.
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