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Parole agents arrest suspect in stabbing

Leo Maestas

Sun Advocate reporter

Adult Probation and Parole officers Wednesday arrested an East Carbon man wanted for questioning in connection with a beating and stabbing incident in that city Saturday.

According to East Carbon Police Chief Sam Leonard, agents arrested Leo Maestas, 42, for questioning after the assault put 61-year-old Roy Collins in Castleview Hospital. The incident occurred in Collins' home.

The chief reported that Maestas allegedly "pistol whipped" and stabbed Collins multiple times after gaining entrance to the older man's residence.

"At this point we don't know why Roy let him in," said Leonard. "We don't have Leo's side of the story. However, we do have information that Collins did allegedly let Maestas into his home voluntarily."

Collins and Maestas share an ongoing history of violence which came to a head several years ago when another aggravated assault case involving the two men was put before Carbon County Attorney Gene Strate. No charges were filed by Strate in that case because of questions arising from self defense issues, Leonard explained.

The latest fight reportedly left Collins hospitalized with blunt trauma injuries and stab wounds to the arms, legs and face.

"At this point, all we know is that Roy let Leo in and the altercation took place from there," said Leonard. "We will know more once Leo is brought in and we can get his version of the incident. Until then, it's too early to draw any conclusions about someone trying to settle a score."

Leonard reported that several organizations including AP&P assisted in the hunt for Maestas.

Collins is recovering after being transported to the hospital, released, and returning after experiencing problems.

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