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Letters to the editor: Not change you can believe in

By Robert L Warren
East Carbon


The Democrats had the government all to themselves for two and a half years, with an enormous measure of public goodwill. They didn't just control the Senate; they owned it with a super majority. They also had a huge majority in the House. His wasn't just a Presidency it was supposed to be the one not just to change America for the better, but the entire world. Perhaps most important of all, was a new President in his own measure the most popular President to have ever entered the Oval Office. Two and a half years later he has fallen from grace to the biggest failure and most hated.

Instead of parlaying this remarkable opportunity into a Democrat dynasty from the dizzying heights, the Democrats did just the opposite. Where the people bought into this empty rhetoric of "Yes we can" and "Real change you can believe in", the result has become despair and desperation bordering on the extreme.

While it is absolutely true that he still retains the support of die hard liberals in the guise of academics, Hollywood and theater types, government dependent big business executives, unions, and social elitists he has lost the support of thinking tax-paying Americans. The imposter-in-chief crashed and burned those in the political middle. He destroyed any credibility he had with small to medium size businesses. And he ostracized the independents who perhaps more than any other group bought into his yes we can mantra.

And now . . . not only do most of them know that he is an empty vessel, they know that he took a bad situation and made it unimaginably worse. So much worse, with the help of his lap-puppies, he has more or less made himself unelectable in 2012. And that's the only good news coming from his Presidency.

Like cornered animals, the Democrats are lashing out. Instead of using teeth and claws, they're lashing out with political demagoguery on steroids, coupled with character assassination. There's no animal as dangerous as an animal that is cornered. They've become defensively hostile, to the point that they're over-the-top in their conspiratorial beliefs that the Conservative movement in America is comprised of domestic terrorists who are willing to hold America hostage to their right-wing agenda. They demand less personal freedoms, larger government, higher taxes, more government spending, less personal responsibility, government dependency, and the raising of debt limit.

To hear and see the Democrats implying that conservative Republicans are more dangerous to America than the Moslem Brotherhood or Al Qaeda, would be laughable if it wasn't sickeningly true, that this is what they believe and want the American people to believe. Arrogant discourse has now morphed into near hysterical angry open accusations against not just the Republican party, but against 75 percent of the American population that agrees with what conservative Republicans stand for.

Based on their repugnant political record of failure in extreme proportions, what else can the cornered Democrats put up in their fight for political survival other than their desperate attempt to destroy the opposition? One does not have to be a rocket-scientist to know the horrors that are visiting the country under the stewardship this president and his lap puppies. Nor does anyone have to be a political genius to know that blaming Bush just won't cut it any longer.

The S&P downgrading the financial credibility of the USA was done on Obama's watch. They can blame Bush all they want. They can blame the Earthquake in Japan and the Arab Spring. But the truth is the truth. It all happened while the President fiddled with his liberal left policies, playing golf, lavish tax-payer parties and vacations that are suffocating the USA and dragging the world down with it.

I look upon this President and the Democrats as the greatest threat and poison to have ever visited America, to the point that I do not want anything to do with Liberals, even if they're just somewhat to the left. What he and the left have done to the most exceptional country on earth is unconscionable and unforgivable. And whether they realize it or not, or apologize for it or not, it's to late the damage has been done, their attack is as empty as Obama's platitudes.

For a President who can't keep away from microphones and cameras, where is the Teleprompter-In-Chief to speak to the people on this incredible ratings downgrade that has never happened on any President's watch with the exception of his?

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