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This year's water should give a boost to 2012

How wet was July? Soaking wet, according to the Natural Resource Conservation Service.

NRCS reports that Southeastern Utah precipitation in July was 161 percent of normal, bringing the water year accumulation since October 1 to 144 percent.

Reservoir storage is at 99 percent of capacity, which is 31 percent higher than this time last year. Soil moisture is at 56 percent compared to 40 percent last year.

With about six weeks of irrigation season left and the current generally high streamflows across the state, Utah should go into water year 2012 at unusually high reservoir levels.

In fact, most reservoirs may be able to fill simply utilizing fall and winter streamflow, according to the report.

It concludes, "Enjoy this abundance of water while it lasts, as we all know that a reversal of fortune might occur at any time."

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