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Blue Saige wins International Days Showdown

Texaco Country Showdown winners Blue Sage celebrate their victory in Price with an encore performance. The group will now advance to the Utah State Finals at the Utah State Fair. The trio consists of Mondi Taylor, Mindee Zager and Deanne Quick.
Texaco Country Showdown winners Blue Sage celebrate their victory in Price with an encore performance.

Sun Advocate reporter

With spot-on vocal harmony and a true talent for original material, Blue Saige blew away local audiences and judges at this weekend's Texaco Country Showdown. The Price City win ensures the group a chance to compete at the Utah State Final, moving the small town Trio of Mondi Taylor, Mindee Zager, Deanne Quick one step closer to their musical dreams and a $100,000 payday.

"A love for music brought us together," explained Deanne, during a post showdown interview with the Sun Advocate. "There is no main vocalist, we all bring something to the dynamics of this group and that makes us special."

Long time friends Taylor and Quick got the idea to form a musical group with their new buddy Zager as all three women were singing at an area funeral. As luck would have it, last years showdown was right around the corner and the new trio put together some songs over the course of a week and signed up for the competition in Vernal.

"We didn't even place last year," said Taylor. "But we really did learn a lot, that first experience in Vernal showed us that we were on the right track with both our singing and songwriting."

In addition to great vocal harmonies, all three women also play guitar something that gives Blue Saige an earthy, down home quality found in wildly successful groups like The Band Perry and The Dixie Chicks.

"We all just really love music," explained Quick. "I work for hospice and we all get tremendous pleasure from singing to my clients before they move on. They see the music as a gift, a so do we. To us the chance to perform together is a wonderful gift."

While the women would not discuss their age, after some time with Blue Saige it becomes apparent that this is an eclectic group of women sitting at very different stops along life's train ride. Taylor has raised four children and owns a booming construction company in the Uintah Basin. She will hunt anything and loves the outdoors. With a swagger and smile, Taylor appears to be the wild child of this trio. Zager on the other hand has three children and wouldn't be caught dead in hunter orange. She teaches dance in the Vernal and Duchesne area and seems to be the most soft hearted of the three. While the group has no leader, Quick puts off the wisdom of a matriarch, having raised eight, yes eight children before joining Blue Saige. She seems to mother her band-mates just a little and works as a hospice nurse in Duchesne County. Work that has become a vital part of the trio's success.

"We take the time to go out and sing to everyone of my hospice patients before they pass," explained Quick. "It's a small gift, but one that works both ways. They seem to enjoy the music very much and means a great deal to us to deliver some joy during a difficult time."

All three members of Blue Saige raised their families before getting involved with this project and because of that they all know have the necessary time to really dedicate to this project. Something that all three report might be impossible with a home full of children.

"All we do is work and play music," said Taylor, with a glowing smile. "We finally have the time to play."

And the trio of Blue Saige is making that time count. This year they came in second at the Vernal showdown before winning here in Price. The group plans to release their first CD in the next month and will play the Utah State Final in August.

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