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AARP driving class offered

The next Driver Safety Class is scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 2, 2011, from 1 to 5 p.m. at the Carbon County Senior Activity Center.

August is National Back to School Month. The AARP has partnered with NRTA, which has resulted in this class being offered for free to teachers belonging to the NRTA. You do not have to be a retired teacher to enroll in this class. The class will be open to individuals who are 50 years or older. However, according to Utah law, to be eligible for an insurance discount by taking the class, you must be over 55 years old.

Participants will not only be given tips from Safe Kids USA as part of the class, but useful information on defensive driving techniques, newest traffic laws, how to handle potential problem situations while performing right turns, left turns and lane changes, right-of-way laws, freeway traffic and what to do if/when confronted by aggressive drivers. Also information about how aging affects a driver's reaction time, vision and hearing will be presented during the class.

For more information or to sign up for the class, contact the Senior Center at 636-3202.

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