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Habitat for Humanity gets Wells Fargo grant, plans more building on Wellington house

Habitat for Humanity of Castle Country is having a workday on August 3.

Wells Fargo has given the organization $10,000 and H4H will use it for its project in Wellington, according to Jerry Stotler.

Wells Fargo is also planning to send 10-15 of their staff to come over and help work on the house.

The house at 270 S. 750 East is moving right along towards completion, Stotler said.

On behalf of the charity, Stotler expressed appreciation for the donation of money and labor.

Habitat has been building simple, low-cost homes for people in need of housing internationally since 1976.

It typically relies on volunteer labor and charitable donations of materials and money. Prospective owners put in their own labor -"sweat equity" -to get a lower sale price. Their mortgage payments then are used to finance more homes.

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