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Phishing scam hitting local Wells Fargo Bank customers

Sun Advocate reporter

A phishing scam asking for banking account information over the phone is hitting Utahns, including many here in Price.

A local individual, who wished to remain anonymous, said she received a call this morning. The automated voice on the other line told her it was Wells Fargo Bank calling to notify that her bank account was compromised.

To fix the situation, the message told her to enter her account number, PIN and the last four digits of her social security number. Sensing the call was suspicious she ended the call before entering any information.

After calling a local Wells Fargo Bank branch, she was told that a phishing scam has been going around lately and has been hitting many customers in Utah.

The scam seems to work in more than one way. In some instances people have received text messages telling them to immediately call a number, seemingly to a real Wells Fargo Branch. When they call the number they are taken to an automated recording message allegedly from Wells Fargo.

Wells Fargo has said they, like any other bank, will never request your PIN number or other personal information over the phone.

If you notice any suspicious activity on your bank accounts, immediately contact your local branch and notify them of the situation.

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