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Notice Of Delinquent Rent / Sale

Due to delinquent rent and charges, Park n Stor Self Storage is
disposing of the contents of the following units.

 The ENTIRE contents of each unit listed below will be sold or
otherwise disposed of promptly at 8:00 am on Friday July 29, 2011. 


Name, City, State, Zip, Unit #, Brief Listing of Contents: 
-Aguilar, Jose A., Las Cruces, NM 88001 - E 292 Bikes, chairs, table,
TV, microwave, lamps, heater
-Arvizio, Elizabeth, Price, UT 84501 - E 1  Jewelry box, mattress,
tables, dressers, headboard, electronics, ent., + -25 boxes misc.
-Bosshardt, Kimberlee J., Washington, UT 84780 - E 196 couch, box
springs/mattress, kitchen appliances, electronics, pet tools, tools,
ent. Center, + -10 boxes clothes, + -10 boxes misc. 
-Boyce, Michael S., Castle Dale, UT 84513 - S 204 Air hocky table,
bikes, games, A/C's, heater, electronics, + -20 misc. boxes
clothes/household, tools, fishing equip.
-Brunson, Martin D., Orangeville, UT 84537 - M 85 Heater, camp equip,
auto equip. kitchen app. 
-Edwards, Jason J., Price, UT 84501 - E 316 mattresses, piano/organ,
ent. Center, furniture, + -5x bags/boxes misc. 
-Ezell, James M., Helper, UT 84526 - E 273 Xylophone, furniture, water
bed/frame, DVD player, kids items, tent, elect. Bed,        + -20x
boxes misc
-Freeman, Roger, Wellington, UT 84542 - E 349 Garbage, rope,
-Garcia, Victoria & Horace, Price, UT 84501 - E 56 TV's, bedroom
furniture, kitchen items, recliner, misc. clothes/etc, keyboard
-Hunt, Brenda M., Wellington, UT 84542 - E 121 Camping/fishing items,
trunks, auto items, vacuum, mattress/box springs, 
nik naks, + 40 boxes household
-Johnson, Nettie L., Wellington, UT 84542 - M 84 Furniture, bag of
-Pearson, Helen, Grantsville, UT 84029 - E 165 Motorized bed,
furniture, stove, metal/wood, shop vac, air compressor, chairs, big
trunk, vanity, tables, shuffle board, + -30x boxes misc household &
camping, lots of old stuff  E 227 Camp items, chain link gate, china
cabinet, locker, lamps, garden hoses, vanity, stool, books, ladder,
crib, tool boxes, morse code/sos elect. device & light, box of
paintings, work out bench.
-Rich, Jessie M., Grand Jct., CO 81504 - E 258 Junk
-Romero, Stacie L., Wellington, UT 84542 - E 264 Bedroom & living room
furniture, lawn mower, bike, microwave, desk, printer, copier, camera
+ -25x boxes misc.
-Sailors, Cathy, Price, UT 84501 - S 170 Chairs, kids bed & toys,
camp/fish items, craft niknaks, misc. boxes and sacks household items,
ski poles, cinder blocks
-Shaw, Terry, Huntington, UT 84528 - E 303 Freezer, washer/dryer, bed
frame, 4x bags clothes, vacuum, pots & pans
-Theorine, Malia M., Price, UT 84501 - M 49 Desks, chairs, tables,
Christmas Tree, tool boxes/tools, TV's, books, toys, lamps, lawn
chairs, printer, + -15 boxes misc. household 
-Vasquez, Justine A., Kenilworth, UT 84529 - S 198 Tires, BBQ, tool
boxes, furniture, mattress/box springs, camp items, + -36 boxes
household, AC, comp. monitors, propane tanks, mirror, jack, 
-Vigil, Bryon D., Price, UT 84501 - S 6 Furniture, wheels/tires, 5x
boxes clothes/misc.
-Yakovich, David K., jr - Price, UT 84501 - M 98 Kitchen app., OLD
trucks/auto items, bedroom furniture, RC toys, books, hunting/fishing 
items, desk, cooking supplies, signs, gas tanks, + -40 boxes misc.
Published in the Sun Advocate July 14 and 21, 2011.

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