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Campus Compact gets grant to help start volunteer program

In an effort to support hundreds of Utah's community organizations, the Utah Commission on Volunteers has awarded Utah Campus Compact a grant of $150,000 to start AmeriCorps Education Award Programs at nine of Utah's institutions of higher education (eight state colleges and universities and Westminster College).

This grant allows students from Utah's campuses to help with critical community needs by providing services in the areas of education, veteran support, health, and economic opportunity.

Each year, the Utah Campus Compact AmeriCorps Program will involve over 1,200 students and generate an additional 1,200 volunteers from the community. These volunteers will contribute an amazing 500,000 community service hours each year for some of the state's neediest groups.

Utah Campus Compact is a coalition of Utah's college and university presidents and their campuses. It provides leadership to strengthen service-learning, co-curricular service, community-based research, and other civic engagement initiatives statewide. Nationally, AmeriCorps engages 80,000 Americans of all ages and backgrounds in service to meet critical needs.

Its members serve through more than 14,000 nonprofit and faith-based organizations in rural and urban communities throughout the nation.

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