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PRWID will invest in new way to tune its electric motors

Sun Advocate associate editor

The Price River Water Improvement District will invest $15,900 to fine tune the big electric motors it uses across its system.

The technique, called harmonic balancing, is being offered with a guarantee to reduce the district's electric bills by at least six percent. Savings as high as ten percent are possible.

If that is the case, then the improvements would pay for themselves in less than two years.

The technology is being offered by Interstate Parts and Supply in Utah County. PRWID General Manager Jeff Richens said that IPS engineers have already visited the district before submitting the proposal.

The district board agreed to pay half the cost up front and the other half when the installation of the electric fixes is done.

Richens said that IPS will refund the investment and remove whatever it installs if the system does not perform as specified.

Harmonic distortions are variations in voltage and current that arise when electric motors run on alternating current.

They result in inefficiencies that increase the energy and power needed to run the motors, which add to industrial electric bills.

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