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Price River overflows

An ATV rider (center of picture) slogs through the mud after Wednesday's flood. The high water mark left a dark line in the gray shale.

Sun Advocate associate editor

A cloudburst above Gordon Creek Tuesday afternoon turned the Price River into a chocolate-brown torrent that surged over its banks into two bottomland fields in southwest Price.

The thunderstorm produced a blinding downpour at about 1 p.m., limiting visibility on Gordon Creek Road to just a few yards.

That was enough to raise the river, already swollen with runoff, high enough to flood the fields.

The storm could have been worse had it hit just a few miles north. Jeff Richens, General Manager of the Price River Water Improvement District, said the water treatment plant at Castle Gate experienced no significant increase in turbidity.

The diversion for the plant is upstream of where the muddy water entered the river.

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