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Legal Notice Carbon County, Utah

Summary of Ordinance Number 436

 In the regular meeting of the Board of Carbon County Commissioners of
April 20, 2011, , the Commissioners approved Ordinance Number 436, an
Ordinance amending a portion of the Official Zone Map of Carbon
County, Utah, dated September 15, 2009-Revised, changing a portion of
the R-2-8,000  zone to RR-1 in Section 19, Township 14 South, Range 10
East, SLB&M within the jurisdictional limits of Carbon County,
effective as of the date of this publication.  A copy of the complete
Ordinance is available for review at the Office of the County Clerk,
Courthouse, 120 East Main Street, Price, Utah.

/s/ Robert P. Pero, Clerk/Auditor
Published in the Sun Advocate July 19, 2011.

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