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Notice To Contractors

 Carbon County is requesting Statements of Qualification (SOQ) for the
following project:

Project Name: New Carbon County Animal Shelter

Project Description: The project consists of a new 6,000 s.f. 
  Animal Shelter

Cost Estimate: $1,764,234.00

 Carbon County is entering into a Multi-Step Bidding Process for
Construction services. A short-listing of contractors will be based on
the selection criteria outlined in the bidding documents contained
herein. Short-listed contractors will be invited to submit bids on the
project described above. The only contractors allowed to bid on this
project will be contractors short-listed by the selection committee.

 All contractors responding to this procurement must comply with and
require all of their subcontractors to comply with the license laws as
required by the State of Utah.

 The solicitation documents, short-listing requirements, and schedule
will be available at 9:00 am on Friday July 15th, 2011 from the
Architect's FTP Site.  Submitters must call (801) 298-1368 for a link
to the Architect's FTP Site, where the solicitation documents can be
found.  For questions regarding this solicitation, please contact
Scott Evans at (801) 298-1368 or at, or Jason
Evans at  All questions must be in writing. 
No others are to be contacted regarding this solicitation.

 Some preliminary drawings and 3-D perspectives will be available
along with the solicitation documents to assist contractors in
becoming more familiar with the project.

 When bidding on this project, short-listed contractors will be
required to submit a Bid Bond in the amount of five percent (5%) of
the bid amount, made payable to Carbon County on Carbon County's Bid
Bond Form. A Bid Bond must accompany each bid.

 Carbon County reserves the right to reject any or all submittals/bids
or to waive any formality or technicality in any submittal/bid in the
interest of the County.
Published in the Sun Advocate on July 12, 14, 19 and 21, 2011.

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