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Letters to the editor: Ban the snuff

By Melissa Swensen
Kendra Rhodes
Lorla Fossat
Bradley Shaw
Jeff Cisneros
and Willie Ellington


Ball fields in Carbon County are filled with youth almost daily in the spring and summer months. Currently, Cal Ripken Little League, Babe Ruth Baseball and American Legion are using the various ball fields for either games or practices. This past season, between the three organizations (including Cal Ripken softball), there were 661 participants in the county. The leagues are designed to play teams from each city which means local teams are traveling between Helper, Price and Wellington for their games. In addition, between Babe Ruth and American Legion, there are now over 20 teams traveling into the county for league and tournament play.

All three affiliations are proactive in a tobacco free environment. Each league has adopted the official rule banning the use of tobacco products by the players, coaches, team representatives, and umpires. An ordinance prohibiting the use of tobacco products around the perimeter of the field would support the efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle, promote proper role models by the supporters, diminish the littering of cigarette butts and make the experience at the ball fields more enjoyable for the players and their supporters.

We strongly urge our city councils to establish an ordinance that supports the tobacco free rule established by our league affiliations and protects our youth and their families from the dangers of tobacco use at the ball fields.

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