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Letters to the editor: More detailed coverage

By Christy Engar


I participated in the Lunatic Triathalon on June 17 and I was disappointed by the lack of an article or even any descriptive information for the reader to understand the results you printed.

You should probably state that there were four categories or divisions in which people competed: competitive individual, competitive relay team, recreational individual, and recreational relay team.

The list of finishers you gave is also confusing to anyone who did not participate because there were relay teams mixed up with individuals.

To be fair, you should differentiate between the two categories. (Editor's note: The coverage that Ms. Engar refers to was placed in the June 21 edition of the Sun Advocate on page 11A. We filled the page with photos and put some of the results on the page as well. The problem we have with many events like this is that we can only put in the paper what we get from the organizers of an event. We have no other sources. The results were from the web page of the organization that put the triathlon together and ran it.)

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