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Thousands lose power in tempest

One bolt over East Carbon was a small part of a two-day temper tantrum by Zeus.

Sun Advocate associate editor

Power to thousands of Castle Country homes was knocked out Wednesday and Thursday as violent wind, heavy rainfall and lightning strikes played havoc with electrical lines and equipment.

Rocky Mountain Power Region Manager Deb Dull said that all local crews and three contract crews pulled in from out of the area worked through the night to restore power. By Thursday afternoon, service all but about 25 customers had been restored.

Outages affected customers in East Carbon, Sunnyside, Castle Dale, Ferron, Lawrence, Huntington, Cleveland and Elmo on the Rocky Mountain system. Price and Helper, which rely on Rocky Mountain maintenance service, were also affected in some parts. East Carbon's lights went out at 3 p.m. Wednesday, came back on at 9 p.m., then were knocked out again Thursday morning as wind, rain and lightning pounded the area.

In addition to the wild weather, the scattered pattern of the outages slowed the repairs. Getting from one town to another and to places as distant as Horn Mountain takes extra time, Dull explained.

One of the crews called in from out of town specialized in repairs to transmission lines. The 46,000-volt lines were most affected.

To report an outage or downed lines, people should call the toll-free number 1-877-508-5088. Rocky Mountain Power also has advice for customers on how to prepare for interruptions in power and precautions to take in emergencies on its website,

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