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Carbon Rec offers fun ways to reduce youthful obesity

Carbon Recreation Dept.

Obesity in America has been on the rise during the last 20 years. It has become an epidemic among our youth.

A sedentary life style has begun to replace old habits of playing outside and not coming home until dark. No longer are playgrounds filled with kids, instead the digital generation sits in front of televisions, computer and gaming system screens.

Personal interaction has been replaced by social network sites such as Facebook and My Space. People create avatars so they can cruise the social super highway without ever needing to actually talk to another person.

Life has become so easy. We use elevators and escalators instead of stairs. People will circle a parking lot searching for the closest parking space rather than walk an extra twenty feet. We do not even get up to change the channel on our TV's because of the remote control.

It is recommended that a person exercise 45 to 60 minutes three to five times a week. 60 percent of Americans do not get the recommended amount of exercise required and 25 percent of Americans do not get any exercise at all.

Carbon County Recreation is trying to modify our declining active behavior focusing mainly on the youth by providing interactive athletic and adventure programs. Carbon Rec. offers a variety of programs for the youth of our community.

Carbon Rec. feels that children need to start learning the fundamentals of sports at age four. They also want children to experience as many different activities as possible. They believe that this broadens a child's mind and abilities. Kids need to try many different things in order to figure out what they like. Some kids like it all.

Most of the youth programs are athletic in nature. Carbon Rec. has programs like t-ball, wrestling, Jr. Jazz Basketball, girl's softball, flag football, soccer, tackle football, peewee baseball and tennis.

They also do instruction sports camps in the summer covering baseball, soccer, flag football and basketball.

There is a summer day camp that is an eight-week program that runs Monday-Thursday from 9 a.m. - noon each day. There are also a number of out outdoor activities for youth and families.

Our outdoor adventures involve rock climbing, canoeing, backpacking, hiking, ice-skating, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, kayaking and rafting.

Carbon Rec. strives to keep the cost down to the public while providing the best quality and most unique programs in the state. There literally is something for everyone. If you have an idea for a program and want to try it, Carbon Rec. will do that too.

An active lifestyle leads to a healthy, happy person, mind, body and soul. Carbon County Recreation is a great place to start your new active lifestyle for your entire family. They do things that no one else does and their employees really care about the participants in their programs.

If you want more information about any or all of Carbon Rec. programs, you can contact them at 636-3702 or stop by their office located at 30 east 200 south in Price.

You can also log onto their web page or check them out on Facebook.

Sponsored by Partners for Community Wellness

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