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Sunnyside reminds residents city clean-up is approaching

Sun Advocate reporter

Clean-up time is nearing the end for residents in Sunnyside.

Throughout the month of May, Sunnyside residents were given time to clean-up their properties and become compliant with the city's clean-up ordinance.

Sunnyside City Councilman Tony Riffle, who oversees beautification for the city, said many residents in the city have already done a good job in cleaning up their properties. However, he did say that there are still some homes in the area that still need to work on their compliance or risk being issued citations by the city. Riffle said some of those not in compliance include empty lots and people who own homes but do not live in the area on a permanent basis.

Councilwoman Shari Madrid said that Mayor Doug Parsons wanted to be involved with the process before any possible citations are sent out to those in violation of the ordinance.

Council to hold budget meeting

The Sunnyside City Council will be making their final changes to next year's budget as they will hold a meeting to work on finalizing next year's budget.

The City Council will hold a working meeting tonight to help hash out the final details for a completed budget for the fiscal year 2011-12. A completed budget must be turned into the state auditor's office for approval before the end of the month.

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