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Utah job count up slightly over last year

Utah's nonfarm wage and salaried job count for April 2011 expanded by 1.6 percent compared to April 2010. This is a 12-month increase of 18,900 jobs, and raises total wage and salary employment to 1,200,400.

The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate, Utah's other primary indicator of current labor market conditions also generated by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics registered 7.4 percent. Last April, the state's rate was 7.9 percent, thus representing a 0.5 percentage-point decline over the past 12 months. Approximately 100,000 Utahns are considered unemployed.

The United States unemployment rate, compared to last month, has moved up two-tenths of a point to 9.0 percent.

Recovery from the past recession remains a slow and lethargic process not only here in Utah, but across the nation as well. The Utah economy is still not operating with any sort of independence from the national economy. The national economic pressures or constraints are also the same pressures and constraints that the Utah economy faces. Therefore, the various Utah-specific economic and demographic variables that oftentimes push Utah's economy to a higher plane stand little chance of being unleashed until the national pressures ease.

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