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Letters to the editor: Spring Glen Park

By Robert Olson
Spring Glen


First off let me inform everyone reading this that this is not intended to attack those who maintain and care for Spring Glen Park; they do an amazing job.

As I read the letter in a recent Sun Advocate issue about the use of the park by a little league baseball team that had come there to practice, I found it a little bit more than disturbing.

As stated in the letter, they were approached by the "keeper of the park" and were told they needed to pay to use the park to practice there. This caused a spectator to become upset. I would have had, and still have, that same reaction.

This park, a community park, should be used and not sit empty as a showcase of our community but, likewise those who use it should take pride in keeping it looking good by cleaning up after they use it.

I've witnessed the youth there playing basketball, children on park equipment, families having picnics. Are they asked to pay? I think the answer to that question is no, Then why are the little league teams expected to?

I have lived in Spring Glen for over 40 years. I've helped in the construction of the building. I've cut the grass when it was mostly weeds. I've witnessed a big change in "Our Park" over the years. Those who are now over it and take care of it have done a super job. The community should be proud of the park and help to keep it nice. And when called upon to help with the up-keep, physically or financially, we should all step up to the challenge.

Keeping the park up requires money. But requiring everyone who uses it to pay to do so is not the way it should be financed. However, if someone or a group reserves it for their use, they should be expected to pay. But for everyday use of the park by individuals or groups, no.

I have attended many social gathering with the community residents at the park; Spring Glen Days, Frontier Days and dinners and breakfasts that were served mostly with donated food prepared by community members to raise funds for the park.

These types of outings are a place to bring us together as a community; to unite us to work for the good we can do when we support and build up projects that make Spring Glen a better place to live.

These activities are also a place to get the funds needed to support the park. I don't think there would be any who would not support and be willing to pay a little more for those dinners or breakfasts, than have what happened with the little league team to happen again.

We have a group of men who give up their time from their families to help form boys into men and we thank them for their efforts and patience with our children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren. Let them use the park.

As the old saying goes... PLAY BALL!

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