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Carbon High School wins blood donation challenge

Following an awards assembly where the Carbon High student body was lauded for setting a donation record at a recent mobile blood drive, Principal Greg Stanfield (second from left) accepted appreciation and a trophy from MountainStar Blood Services. Celebrating with him were Justin Nielsen and Jordan Blanc (in costume), Donor Recruiter Karen Tribett, and Marketing Supervisor Steven Hansen.

Carbon High School seniors have reason to celebrate.

They won a challenge between many other high schools in the state and because the challenge required giving back to their community, the students can brag all they want about it.

Carbon High beat out 23 other high schools in the state to win a blood donation challenge sponsored by MountainStar Blood Services.

The blood bank, Utah's oldest, launched a campaign last January called "High School Donors Tour 2010."

The competition was described as a competition between seniors at the 23 Utah high schools.

Most of the schools that participated had about 10 to 30 percent of their seniors participate, but Carbon High had 61 percent of its senior class participate in the challenge during a blood drive on campus on April 18.

Over 90 seniors at Carbon High signed up to participate and the school was able to have about 85 of the students donate blood.

With the recent passing of HB 64, the Human Blood Procurement and Use Act, now more teens will be allowed to donate blood.

Before the bill passed, only people as young as 17 were allowed to donate blood with parental consent forms at school-sponsored blood drives.

Now anyone 16 years and older is allowed to donate blood.

"We expect to see an increase of 10 to 20 percent among our high school donors now that Utah has joined 40 other states in allowing 16 year olds to give blood," said Steven Hansen, a recruiter and marketing supervisor with MountainStar Blood Services.

MountainStar Blood services has been in business for 50 years. About 2,500 units of blood are needed every month to meet the demands of eight hospitals operated by two health care systems.

Businesses, churches, community organizations, and clubs - as well as schools - are invited to host a blood drive.

Donor eligibility information, and tips on how to host a drive, are available by calling toll-free (877) 45-BLOOD.

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