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Dinos named to all-state football squads

Sports writer

Although the fall leaves have disappeared and the winter snow has began to fall, the memories of high school football still linger in the minds of many Carbon High athletes.

Recently, the annual all-state football teams were announced. Even though the Dinos finished the year with a 2-7 overall record, the team found it's roster lined with top notch athletes. Among these athletes were the two all-state honorees; Jan Jorgensen and Jamal Lewis.

Although the Dinos will lose both team members to graduation next year, the memories which these talented athletes have made will remain in the minds of many.

As a senior, Jan Jorgensen played strong at both quarterback and defensive end.

Even though quarterbacks tend to get the most attention on a team mainly due to the fact that they are in the spotlight the majority of the time, Jorgensen has turned the heads of many because of the talent he displayed on the defensive end of the scrimmage line.

Jorgensen was named to the all-state first team in both the Salt Lake Tribune and the Deseret News for his skills as a defensive lineman.

This year, Jorgensen completed 16 sacks and had 93 tackles. His overall performance earned him the all-state roster position for the year.

Aside from turning the heads of many football critics, Jorgensen has also been recognized by the University of Utah for his outstanding athleticism.

Jorgensen signed prior to the season with the university to compete for the Utes.

Although Jorgensen is unsure of what to expect once he gets to the college, he is certain that it is a move which he has always dreamed of.

In an interview conducted earlier in the year, Jorgensen explained that although his dream is to play football, he understands that sports is not everything.

"I'm excited to sign with the U since my brother has played there. This is a great opportunity for me, but I understand that education is more important than playing football. I think that I want to study education and become a teacher one day," explained Jorgensen.

In his final season with the Dinos, Jorgensen has left quite an impression on many high school football fans and is bound to do the same in the college ranks.

In the meantime, Jorgensen finds himself staying active in school athletics as he competes for the first time with the Dino wrestling team.

So far, Jorgensen has had solid performances as he captured a decision victory against Union and a fifth place finish in the Rocky Mountain Rumble in Orem last week.

The all-around athlete looks forward to competing in athletics for a long time to come.

The Dinos will also feel the sting next season as the absence of running back Lewis becomes apparent.

This year, Lewis stepped up and played strong for the Dinos as he lead the team nearly every game in running yards.

In the second game of the season for the Dinos, Lewis completed 341 yards rushing on 21 carries.

This was the single best game this season in rushing yards for a high school athlete. It is also the fourth best all-time rushing yard record in the history of Utah prep football.

This outstanding performance helped earn Lewis a honorable mention in both the all-state teams from the Tribune and Deseret News.

Now that the fall football season is over and the winter sports have started, Lewis finds himself competing for the Dinos basketball team.

So far, Lewis has competed quite well and is a strong athlete.

For Lewis, it seems that there are no boundaries which he is afraid to cross when it comes to competing in sports. This talented athlete is bound for great things to come in the world of sports.

Although both athletes will be dearly missed next season by the Dinos, they are both certain to move on and become successful at all they chose to do in the future.

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