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Letters to the editor: Response to refusing access

By Jon and Jenny Black
Spring Glen


This is in response to Mr. Yoklavich's "Refusing Access" letter (Sun Advocate, May 17).

You quote that the "keeper of the park" ranted and raved about an issue that concerned him. That "keeper of the park" or one of the keepers of the park, happens to be our 83 year old father Jack Allred. He is a 50 year resident of Spring Glen, who for the last 13 years or so, along with other Spring Glen residents, has solely maintained the Spring Glen park. It can cost anywhere from three to four thousand dollars a year to maintain the park, which includes, insurance, sprinklers, fertilizer, gas for personal mowers, etc. We have personally watched our father and family and other families donate thousands over the years and a number of countless hours in maintaining that property.

The number one goal of the community center is to bring people together, especially children, not to refuse access or encourage anyone to go up against the community. Carbon County does not maintain the Spring Glen Community center. Its citizens do. How about that. The residents of Spring Glen make sure that park is beautiful and insured and maintained not the county.

So call your county commissioners and tell them what a beautiful job these residents (volunteers) have been able to do in maintaining this property and trying to bring a community together.

Mr. Yoklavich, I hope you can resolve your issues so that everyone can benefit. While you may have made a $100 donation, you do not mention when, of course it helped the park, but that does not cover the year to year use of an entire league of baseball players and their wear and tear on the property.

We hope that instead of $100 donation, that you would donate 100 hours of your time to assist those trying to beautify and maintain the Spring Glen Community. Then you will have a better understanding of what the community is doing and those "keepers of the park" are doing. Then, and only then would your encouragement be expressed in a valid way.

One should encourage service and understanding and not to complain without putting forth the effort yourself. We are glad to see that you care enough about Spring Glen that you would write a letter to the editor. Please contact the "keeper of the park" Jack Allred to volunteer anytime.

He would love it and love to get to know you.

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