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Letters to the editor: Refusing access

By Joey Yoklavich
Spring Glen


About a month a go I was at the Spring Glen park, watching my son practice with his little league baseball team. The "keeper of the park" arrived and started inquiring why the team was able to practice there. He demanded that the league should have to pay a fee for maintenance of the park in order for the kids to use it.

As he was ranting about this, I, a 13 year resident of Spring Glen, counted five kids on the team who live within the community. I thought about the last time they sent requests out for donations to help with up keep of the park, and the $100 check I wrote to them. I just brushed it under the rug at the time, thinking that the issue would be resolved.

Now I am finding out that the "board" has banned the little league teams from practicing there until a fee is paid. I am in dismay that this "board" would refuse kids from enjoying the park in any form at all.

The next time the "board" sends me a request for a donation, you can be assured that it will hit the garbage can as quickly as it is received.

I strongly urge all Spring Glen residents, and little league parents, to contact Carbon County Commissioners on this issue, and help the kids, with limited available places to practice, to enjoy this park.

After all, if this "board" or person, can refuse access to the park to them, then who is next?

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