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Workforce Services offering youth employment during summer months

Over the years, the Department of Workforce Services has offered summer employment for youth, and this year will be no exception. "Youth have a great opportunity to earn money this summer and develop some job skills" said Shelly Ivie, Area Director for the Department of Workforce Services, as she announced a 2011 Summer Youth Employment Program.

"Youth are encouraged to apply now so that we can get the pre-employment screening completed by the end of school," said Shelly. In some of the employment worksites, a youth may be able to start work before school ends by working some afternoons after school.

Local employers have supported the program very well over the years. While Workforce Services pays the wage, the employer provides the training and supervision. The youth's career interest is a big factor in determining with which employer the youth is placed. "We have some real success stories from youth who have opted to pursue a career in a certain industry based upon their summer youth experience. It is also a success story for a youth to learn he/she does not prefer a certain line of work based on their summer job."

The wage for the program is based on where the youth is working, but will be at least the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. Hours per week will be flexible (part-time or full-time), with the program running 8-10 weeks.

For more information about the summer employment program, contact the Price Office at 435-636-2300.

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