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Dinos soccer team closes season with playoff loss

In the final game of the season Carbon's KJ Erickson had to take over the goalie spot for the Dinos. Carbon was within a few minutes of an upset win over Delta in the first round of the state playoffs.

Sun Advocate sports reporter

The Carbon Dino soccer team came close to pulling off an upset in the first round of the state soccer playoffs last Thursday in Delta. They walked away with a 4-3 loss but a much improved record over last year.

Delta was able to put two goals in the net in the first half of play, But Carbon's Jorge Mendiola was also able to get one past the goal keep and keep it close. Carbon was down 3-1 with 18 minutes left to play when Mendiola added two more for a hat trick to tie it up. With only three minutes left on the clock the Rabbits were able to sneak one more in the net and take the win.

KJ Erickson had to take the goal keep position for the first time ever because the regular goal keep got injured and could not play. Several Dinos arrived minutes before play started because they stayed behind in Price to take the AP placement test.

"One break and it goes the other way. There were parts of the game we completely dominated and I think they (Delta) were scared," stated coach Keith Palmer about the game. "I don't think our kids believed they could win until they started playing and then you could see their confidence grow. I can truly say I was never so proud to be the coach as I was watching them play. They fought hard and to the end. They are wanting more and are willing to put the effort in the off-season to come back stronger next season."

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