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Staff Column: One weekend, a wedding and a funeral

Sun Advocate publisher

America, and the world for that matter, went over a three day period this past weekend where people had euphoria over a royal wedding and then more over a funeral.

Friday started early with many glued to their television sets to watch British royalty practice a tradition that goes back a thousand years. I am sure to the Queen's relief, William and Katherine finally got married (after living together for many years).

For some reason people all over the world, especially in English speaking countries, just were entranced by the spectacle.

Frankly, I don't get it. In America our forefathers fought hard to rid ourselves of the royal family and to not have people in the government that we had to bow to. Yet here we are two and a quarter centuries later just fawning over all this tradition and royal gobblygook.

Next time someone tells me how they can't understand how Russians look back on their days as the Soviet Union under communism with nostalgia, I will remind them how many Americans got up in the middle of the night to see two wealthy Brits get married.

More in line with truly important things, the events of Sunday were truly someting to celebrate. Finally justice was done; our deceased countrymen were avenged and the world is a better place without the evil that Osama Bin Laden laid at our feet.

And the way it was done was good too. We didn't take the easy way out and just flatten the mansion he was living in with a stealth bomber, we went in and made sure we got him. The operation was done with precision and courage all the way through the chain of command.

The decision to do that was a gamble; things could have gone wrong very quickly and Obama would have been the goat. Remember what happened to Jimmy Carter's reputation in 1979 when the rescue attempt at the American Embassy in Iran was botched? While he might not have been elected again anyway, that failed attempt pretty much sealed his fate. You have to wonder if that had succeeded how different things might have turned out in the following years.

This past weekend was like two ends of a bookshelf. On one end was a magical book about royalty, their lush life and what many young girls dream of. Fantasy personified for some.

On the other end was a novel about a daring adventure that yielded those that participated in it the ultimate prize; the praise and thanks from a nation and a world that needs one less bad guy in it.

We will probably never know those Navy Seals' names, nor the names of those that did support on the mission such as the pilots and others. But boy we owe them a lot. They not only accomplished what they set out to do, but their feat must be making bad guys feet tremble in their boots all over the world.

America may be under fire for a lot of things, but no one can now question the bravery of our military or their ability to get things done when need be.

Justice was a long time coming, but time never takes away the sweetness of the moment.

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