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Flower Power for Memorial Day

Flower Power Countdown Clock
The Sun Advocate's sales manager Jenni Fasselin passes out supplies to make flowers to Carol Hadden and Camille Marquez, a couple of dozens of people making grave adornments for Memorial Day.

Sun Advocate publisher

The No Grave Unadorned Project for Emery and Carbon counties is moving ahead quickly with people coming in offices of both the Sun Advocate and Emery Progress almost hourly to pick up supplies and return flowers they have made already.

The project, which started last year in Carbon county, will be bigger and better than ever this year due to the number of volunteers coming forth to help not only make flowers but put them on graves during the week before Memorial Day. Last year around 1500 volunteers made over 30,000 flowers and helped to place them on graves that had no decorations for the first holiday of summer.

This years project is even more ambitious because we are encompassing two counties and over 10,000 more graves.

People have been contacting us asking how they can help and we have a lot of ways. Obviously volunteering is very important. It takes a lot of people power to create and make a project like this work well. The other thing we need to get it done is donations.

Donations can come in many forms. Some people buy materials and make their own flowers and then bring them in. Others have bought the plastic table clothes we use to make the flowers and have delivered them to our offices where we then distribute to others making flowers. And still others donate money to be used for supplies.

It's all important, whether it be time, materials or money that is contributed.

This is a project that began as an idea, and not much more than that. Now with one year under our belt we know our communities can do it and do it with flair.

This is a chance for everyone to contribute to paying tribute to those that came before us and those that built our communities. It is unlike any other project in the United States for the Memorial Day holiday. It is a unique opportunity to show our caring spirit of volunteerism.

Volunteer, contribute and be proud on Memorial Day.

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