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Henry Zwick honored for math teaching

Among all college math professors in Utah, Henry Zwick was singled out to receive the award for distinguished college or university teaching of mathematics in recognition of successful teaching.

"I feel very honored. It's very nice to be recognized by colleagues," stated Zwick, one of USU Eastern's math associate professors.

Zwick shows dedication to his teaching career; this is his 35th year, including graduate school. He has a master's degree in math and computer science. He has received many letters of recommendation from colleagues and former students. Usually, he teaches five classes a semester, but occasionally he'll offer seven or eight.

He has been at CEU 21 years. He taught three years at Ferris State University, one semester at Washington University, three years at University of Idaho, three years at USU-Logan and two years at Northland Pioneer College.

Other than math, Zwick teaches computer science and engineering classes.

When Zwick is not teaching, he enjoys reading journals from societies he belongs to, watching TV and traveling. He has traveled to all 50 states, almost all of them twice. Last summer he traveled through 19 by himself. Above all locations, he loves the Oregon Coast. Outside of the U.S., he has been to Mexico and Canada.

Numerous students in his classes have said that he is the first math teacher they could learn and understand from.

He would have liked to study more chemistry, physics, geology and astronomy, but as for regrets, "I really don't have any. I'm very happy."

Students seeking a math career should speak with Zwick. "When you're in college, do your best. Study hard. Attend class. Seek help from your professors. Do something you like. You'll be doing it the rest of your life so enjoy it."

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